Practice areas

Practice areas


Romero Zapiola, Clusellas & Sluga Abogados has vast experience in all aspects of international trade. We work with our clients to ensure that each one of them is fully informed, applies and complies with all national and international regulations related to the flow of capital, investments, trade in goods and services, technology etc. For many years, we have helped our clients to overcome market access difficulties and barriers.

Members at Romero Zapiola, Clusellas & Sluga Abogados provide broad and comprehensive services to all their clients on various aspects related to foreign trade and dispute resolution, including:

  • Anti-dumping, protectionist, safeguard measures and other similar processes before the Argentine authorities.
  • Issues related to customs classification and valuation and other origin issues, preferential regimes, free trade zones and special areas such as Mercosur and Aladi.
  • Import and export regulations, including import licences.
  • Trade policies and investment plans with key government agencies.
  • Structures that allow the best use of customs, exchange control and foreign trade regulations.

Market Access and Regulatory Barriers:

Sometimes the lack of regulatory transparency can cause inefficiencies that result in lost opportunities for a global market and trade barriers can be more complex and bureaucratic than traditional measures such as import tariffs and quotas. Today, governments are more protectionist and companies have few effective resources in domestic legal systems.

International rules on transnational trade and investment, on the other hand, try to prevent governments from taking arbitrary action and, to that end, develop resources for potential local conflicts. Thus, companies rely on World Trade Organization rules, free trade agreements and other less formal negotiations that allow them to develop their activities and comply with antitrust and financial services regulations.

At Romero Zapiola, Clusellas & Sluga Abogados we have efficiently used the rules of the World Trade Organization to request the authorities to reconsider certain internal decisions that had been taken in sectors such as footwear, CDs and polyester fibres. In summary, at Romero Zapiola, Clusellas & Sluga Abogados we have extensive experience in assisting our clients in the development of commercial strategies that allow them to solve regulatory problems through the implementation of international trade and financial measures. We know that the effective implementation of these measures can be critical to a company's success.

Romero Zapiola, Clusellas & Sluga Abogados has acquired great experience in the presentation and handling of administrative proceedings before different public bodies, such as ministries, secretariats, regulatory agencies, the Central Bank of Argentina, the Stock Exchange, the National Securities Commission, the National Telecommunications Commission, the National Gas Regulatory Agency, etc.


  • We represent the interests of our clients before the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic, the Tax Court, the Federal Courts in economic criminal matters and other tax and administrative organizations or agencies.
  • - We also advise our clients on antitrust matters, consumer protection and unfair practices.


  • Our attorneys have participated in numerous transactions in the United States, Europe and South America.
  • We have acquired vast experience in the drafting of asset purchase agreements, leases, escrow agreements and international financial transactions.
  • We provide advice on matters related to the purchase and sale of shares and securities of different companies, corporate finance, the public offering of shares and other securities, the placement of private debt, compliance with periodic reporting requirements and other requirements that must be met by domestic and foreign companies under the provincial and national laws of our country.
  • We have specialized in the negotiation and conciliation of debts between international companies and enforcement authorities.

In addition, our team of lawyers at Romero Zapiola, Clusellas & Sluga Abogados provides ongoing advice to large and small companies in all their commercial and financial transactions.

  • At Romero Zapiola, Clusellas & Sluga Abogados we advise our clients on the purchase of aircrafts as well as on all related financial transactions and leasing operations.
  • We also provide advice for the transfer and importation of aircrafts to the country in compliance with all the provisions and regulations of the FAA and the Argentine laws on aviation.


In this field, we are in charge of the negotiation, review and preparation of the different agreements and other necessary documentation for international sales, obtaining financing, leasing operations and operations with escrow agents.
We also provide advice on aircraft import and export procedures, the granting of licenses and flight authorizations before the Registry of Airworthiness and the Secretariat of Transport of the Argentine Republic, and we also advise on general aviation law matters, including commercial transport of passengers and cargo, sanitary flights and other related matters such as insurance.

Our clients really do benefit from the expertise of our aviation law specialists and our extensive network of correspondents in other countries.


The Tax and Social Security Law Department of the Firm is made up of professionals dedicated to providing legal services in tax matters, providing comprehensive tax advice to both companies and individuals.

Our members have vast experience advising local and international companies on the tax implications of their businesses, projects and ventures. Furthermore, regarding tax controversies, we have a solid background in handling complex cases and claims before the tax authorities of the three government levels (national, provincial and municipal) .

Among the main services provided are:

1. Claims and controversies in tax matters at national, provincial and municipal levels..
  • Inspections and procedures for determining debt in tax matters. Response to requests.
  • Assistance in the closing and seizure procedures of goods.
  • Proceedings before collection agencies or special entities at national, provincial or municipal level.
  • Tax litigation in all areas and instances.
2. Advice on disputes and litigation regarding social security obligations.
  • Legal advice to companies for the correct fulfilment of social security obligations. Analysis and definition of specific and/or controversial issues.
  • Advising on the classification and treatment of self-employed persons (professionals, company directors, etc.).
  • Assistance on claims and controversies regarding social security matters (cases before administrative authorities and social security courts).

At Romero Zapiola, Clusellas & Sluga Abogados we have a team that specializes in company law and general corporate law, providing advice to local and foreign firms.


Our experience allows us to provide personalized advice to our clients regarding the setting up of the most convenient legal structures for the development of their activities in our country. Furthermore, our team accompanies their clients in all corporate aspects related to registration and incorporation.
Among the services provided by Romero Zapiola, Clusellas & Sluga Abogados in corporate matters are:

  • Planning and structuring of commercial companies;
  • Company registration and incorporation;
  • Registration, dissolution and liquidation of national and foreign companies;
  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Corporate reorganizations;
  • Negotiation and drafting of contracts for the acquisition of shares/units;
  • Negotiation and implementation of shareholders' agreements;
  • Resolution of corporate conflicts;
  • Legal audits (due diligence);
  • General advice on corporate matters;
  • Registration of civil associations and foundations, as well as all kinds of registrations of such organizations;
  • Negotiation and implementation of business collaboration contracts and joint ventures;

Romero Zapiola, Clusellas & Sluga Abogados brings together a team of lawyers specialized in each of these aspects of corporate and business law to work together with the client so that they can meet their strategic objectives and control all associated risks.


  • At Romero Zapiola, Clusellas & Sluga Abogados we provide advice to renowned national and foreign companies since we have extensive experience in the negotiation and drafting of commercial contracts.
  • The lawyers responsible for this area provide assistance and advice to all those clients who must negotiate and enter into contracts of any nature.

In many cases, we must adapt the contracts that our foreign clients usually use in their respective countries to the Argentine law, always based on the specific needs for each operation.


Mergers and acquisitions are, in general, one of the most complex transactions our clients have to face.

Which is why, when companies decide to undertake this type of transaction, whether to obtain liquidity for shareholders, to acquire new complementary assets or to sell a line of business that is no longer essential or convenient for the company, at Romero Zapiola, Clusellas & Sluga Abogados we assist them in the various legal aspects involved, including, restructuring, antitrust laws, intellectual property rights, securities, applicable taxes, environmental issues, finance and labour relations with their employees.

To this end, Romero Zapiola, Clusellas & Sluga Abogados brings together a team of lawyers specialized in each of these areas to work together with the client so that they can meet their strategic objectives and control all associated risks.


Romero Zapiola, Clusellas & Sluga Abogados Labor Department has a team of lawyers with great experience in litigation, able to provide advice to our clients. However, our lawyers recognize the importance of conflict prevention and amicable negotiations at all times, given the complex and sophisticated characteristics of the labour and social security systems in Argentina.

Our services include assistance in disputes relating to collective bargaining agreements, including strikes, lockouts and other union-led actions; redundancies; collective bargaining agreements and employment contracts; employee labour disputes; senior employee employment contracts, including incentive and benefit programs; the hiring of foreign personnel for the provision of services in the country; relocation of personnel; the creation and implementation of personnel policies and the restructuring of remuneration payable to employees of branches incorporated in the country to conform to local laws and the development and implementation of downsizing policies.

Our employees have extensive experience in matters related to payment of salaries, contributions and withholdings, vacations, leave of absence, expatriates, immigration controls and obtaining temporary or provisional work visas.


Romero Zapiola, Clusellas & Sluga Abogados has represented its clients for many years in civil, commercial, corporate, labor, bankruptcy and other administrative matters before both federal and provincial courts.
In the provinces we have a wide network of correspondents who provide us with their services in a fast and efficient manner.

The Litigation Department is in charge of litigation from the beginning to the end, closely monitoring each of the processes and their continuation before the second instance courts or the Supreme Court, if applicable.

International Litigation:

We provide legal advice to Argentine and foreign companies in their presentations before international organizations such as the ICSID, the World Trade Organization and other MERCOSUR bodies.

Out –of – Court Procedures:

Romero Zapiola, Clusellas & Sluga Abogados has gathered a team of professionals highly specialised in out-of-court negotiations and alternative dispute resolution. These out-of-court procedures are aimed at obtaining better results in the face of an imminent legal dispute.


In recent years these two areas have made significant progress both nationally and internationally, in proportion to the corporate concentration arising from different mergers and acquisitions and also due to the participation of large investors in activities that, until recently, were operated exclusively by the state or small investors.

At Romero Zapiola, Clusellas & Sluga Abogados we work actively in areas related to consumer rights, a field that has grown enormously in recent years due to the fact that consumers are increasingly aware of their rights and their position when dealing with suppliers of goods and services.

This issue is especially important when it comes to the mass consumption of basic goods and services, including via Internet sales.

At Romero Zapiola, Clusellas & Sluga Abogados ...